Think this...Not that

How changing your thoughts, can change your life!

Does your mind seem to always jump to the negative first? 

When good things happen, or present themselves, do you question its validity and wait for the other shoe to drop?

Do you repeatedly remind yourself of what’s wrong in your life? 

Is it a struggle to remain positive and optimistic without reminding yourself to do so? 

When you meet someone, who only sees the positive and not the negative, do they seem weird? 

Well, you’re not alone.  Many of us think this way.  Especially, if we’ve been hurt or failed at something in the past.  We become skeptical and as a protection, our mind reminds us of all the dangers, pitfalls and hazards we might face. Now don’t get me wrong, while we do need to consider our options and possible obstacles, our negative thoughts should not dictate how we live, or how we see our future.   We have to control our thoughts so we can continue to grow, enjoy life and experience all those things we thought were possible as children.  

You only live once; don’t you want to enjoy it?  I know I do…  I work at it daily to change my thoughts and when I do, my whole world opens up, the sun shines and joy fills my spirit.  It’s an awesome feeling that helps me to try new things, dream more, love more and appreciate every day without regret. 

Consider these simple thought changes when the usual ones rare their ugly head.  

     Think This                                                                    Not That                                

There are good people in the world                         Why are you helping me?

I’m grateful to be employed                                     This job sucks

I’m blessed with what I have                                     How come I don’t have what they do?

This could be an amazing opportunity                     This is too good to be true

I can do anything I put my mind to                           I can’t get this                                          

Things are hard now, but they will get better        Things will never change

I am worry free and at peace                                     I am so stressed out      

I am an amazing, loving, beautiful                            There’s nothing good about me person

I accept & love myself                                                Nobody cares

I allow love & beauty into my life                              I don’t like new things or people

I can solve my problems calmly                              I just want to hurt someone

I hate not being in control                                        I accept the things I cannot control

There is a purpose to everything                             Why is this happening to me?         

Try changing at least one thought daily and see how it impacts your overall mood and stress level.  I bet you’ll notice the same thing that I have…. That I can make my own day better, just by reminding myself of the positive truths in my life.  Go ahead and try it… The only thing you have to lose is your negative thoughts. And who wants to keep those anyway?

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