Counseling that combines your faith, spiritual values and therapy to
bring comfort, healing, and balance to your life.



Individual Sessions (1:1)

Couple/Family Sessions

Initial Couples Assessment

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Initial Couples Assessment

Individual Anger Management Coaching sessions:

Group sessions (Lists forming):  

Anger Management (No classes Currently running)

Teen Girls Group

 Pray & Create Women’s Group



$90 per 50 minute session

$100 per 50 minute session

$150 per 90 minute session

 $75 per 50 minute session (Non-insurance service)

$113 per 90 minute session

$80 per 50 minute session


 $40 per 90 minute session + 1 time $45 book

$25 per 90 minute session or Co-pay per insurance

$25 per 90 minute session or Co-pay per insurance


I work with most PPO insurance plans as an “out of network” provider. To find out if I am on a specific company’s list, please call, or see below. I do my best to keep our work together separate from insurance companies. I find that working with them leads to a third party controlling the duration of our work together, and how we work together. In many cases, they also require a mental health diagnosis, which is not appropriate in all cases and can have long standing consequences (such as a diagnosis permanently being in your health file). Working without insurance increases your privacy, and gives you the utmost choice and control over your healing process.  I will provide you with a receipt for payment you can use to seek reimbursement from your insurance company or for your tax purposes.

While it is my preference to work with you outside of your insurance company, I do contract as an “In Network” provider for several companies.  This is because I do understand, that today, many people choose to use their mental health benefits to decrease their personal cost. Do speak with your insurance company about what information they need in order to pay for your sessions, as well as, how many they will allow you to have.  Please visit the Contact tab and review the list of questions to ask your insurance company about your mental health benefits.

I am an “In Network” provider for: 



MHN (Healthnet)
Anthem Blue Cross
MH Net



Please check with your insurance company regarding mental/behavioral health benefits, including co-pays, deductibles and number of sessions allowed.  You are responsible for any sessions that are not covered by your insurance provider.

Cancellation Policy

Please call or email to cancel appointments at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. All appointments missed or not cancelled within this time frame will be charged in full. 

Forms of payment accepted

Cash, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

*Payment is due at the time of treatment.