Find Hope & Healing

Counseling that combines your faith, spiritual values and therapy to
bring comfort, healing, and balance to your life.

  • Are you feeling stuck, or trapped by your current circumstances? 
  • Is your relationship stressing you out? Are you tired of crying? 
  • Is family life becoming too much to handle? All the fighting and lack of communication has you exhausted emotionally, physically and spiritually?
  • Struggling with your faith, feeling like God has left you or is punishing you?  
  • Praying everyday for change, not understanding why God isn't answering?  

Have you caught yourself thinking, “…I'm a good person.  I had faith.  How did I get here? How did my family fall apart? What happens now? I don’t know what to do…”  

We've all been there.  In a place where your faith may be running thin and you're feeling all alone.  You believe in God and you're waiting on His help, His explanation, but where is it?  Guess what?  You're not alone.  So many people feel just as you do, but you were brave enough to reach out say you want something better.  You're tired of how things are going and need a fresh look at your situation, a different option to try and a new beginning for you and/or your family.

You've come to the right place.  Help is here and ready to go.  It's no accident that you found this site.  That's God.  His help comes in various ways and today, it's getting the help and support of a licensed, professional, Christian Counselor that shares and respects your Faith, Values and desire to have God be the center of your healing. All it takes is one call to connect you to the support you need. So, continue being brave. You’ve already done the hardest thing: admitting you need help. You already took the first step.  You’re here. You’re ready for change.  Now, keep going.   Your 15 minute consultation is free and confidential, so just pick up the phone and call at (760) 490-0109, submit an inquiry click here or send me an email with the link:  Please feel free to click the buttons below to view our Facebook page, Pinterest and Youtube channels for extra inspiration. Feel free to subscribe!



Have you lost that loving feeling? Considering separation or divorce? Tired of all the arguing, crying and feeling like you're in it all alone?  Let Me Help.

Has your anger gotten you arrested?  About to lose your job, your family, your way of life? Want to learn how to control it?   Let Me Help.

Is your family living like strangers? Barely speaking? Arguing over little things? Avoiding each other? Let Me Help.