Counseling that combines your faith, spiritual values and therapy to
bring comfort, healing, and balance to your life.

Family Counseling

Communication, joy, happiness, togetherness, trust, respect, faithfulness, honesty.  These are the things we all want and expect in our relationships.  Unfortunately, what starts out as a dream can sometimes turn into a nightmare, in what seems overnight. Your once happy family is now struggling just to stay together.  You don’t talk, spend time together, pray with or for one another… You live separate lives of strangers.  You fight, argue and sometimes avoid one another on purpose. You hope and pray every day that today will be the day that God heals your family, brings you closer together and turns all the pain and frustration back into joy and laughter.  You’re embarrassed by what’s going on, you want to do something about it, but you don’t know what.  

You’ve come to the right place. Family counseling can be just the thing your family needs to work out and through all the things keeping you apart.  I know sometimes it can be scary to admit that your family has problems, that you don't have all the answers.  But don't be. Nobody ever told you that raising a family today would be this hard.  It's not like it was when you were little.  Between social media, social pressure, financial pressures, lifestyle expectations and all the little everyday stresses we go through, it's no wonder that many families are going through these challenges.  You've gotten so busy and are living such separate lives, that you don't know how to be a family anymore.  But you want to learn how.  You want to change it and that's great because there is hope for your family.

All it takes is one call to connect you to the support you need.  You’ve already done the hardest thing: admitting you need help. You already took the first step.  You’re here. You’re ready for change.  Now, keep going.  Your 15 minute consultation is free and confidential, so just pick up the phone and call at (760) 490- 0109 or send me a message. 

Please email me with questions, any desired dates/times you would like an appointment and note if it is ok to leave a message.