Would you like the guidance and support of a Christian Pastor, but also maintain your privacy?

Do you desire to seek spiritual counseling from a Pastor, but don't belong to a church?

Many times, we as Christians often would prefer to discuss our relationship struggles, crisis of faith, financial difficulties and other everyday issues with our own Pastor, but life can sometimes get in the way.  Sometimes we become hesitant of others in the church finding out our personal business; or because of life circumstances we are not connected to a home church. In an effort to fill the gap, we offer private, professional pastoral counseling not affiliated with any denomination, organization or church.  Our counseling minister has been in pastoral care for over 30 years and has a PhD in Biblical Counseling.  He has counseled countless individuals, couples, families and church leaders over the years with the utmost respect for their privacy.  

So what's the difference between pastoral and traditional counseling?  While traditional counseling deals with more serious clinical issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and abuse, Pastoral counseling can offer support to those seeking primarily spiritual help, without any major mental health issues. More specifically, it may be helpful to individuals working through or challenged by any of the following situations: 

  • Spiritual assessment and healing

  • Resolving relationship and marital conflicts

  • Healing spiritual wounds that are impacting your walk with God, including those sustained in the church itself.

  • Grief and loss

  • Issues related to chronic or terminal illness

  • Conflicts around spiritual beliefs

  • Mental health issues directly linked to religious beliefs or doctrine

  • Crises of faith

  • Reintegration into community life after institutionalization or incarceration

Our Pastoral Counseling services fees are $75 per counseling session. There are a few sliding scale slots available on case by case basis.