Counseling that combines your faith, spiritual values and therapy to
bring comfort, healing, and balance to your life.

Christian Counseling

God Knew that every now and then, we would lose our way, become lost and confused about how to get back on track.  In His wisdom, He sends exactly what we need, in a way we can receive it.  And, sometimes, that's through a Christian Counselor that can help you figure out healthy ways to get you where you need to be.   I know you're thinking, "All my answers are in the Bible and that should be enough.  

Marriage/Couples Counseling

You soon realized that you no longer felt love for your spouse, instead, you feel lonely in your relationship, you fight over little things and seem to have nothing to say to each other anymore.  All the little disappointments and resentments have built up and it seems like all that's left is bitterness and frustration.  One of you may have even cheated and now there is no trust between you.  You want the marriage that you thought you signed up for on your wedding day, but you don't know how to make that happen. Now offering the SYMBIS assessment to enhance your sessions and provide greater insight into your marriage. 

Family Counseling

Communication, joy, happiness, togetherness, trust, respect, faithfulness, honesty.  These are the things we all want and expect in our relationships.  Unfortunately, what starts out as a dream can sometimes turn into a nightmare, in what seems overnight. Your once happy family is now struggling just to stay together.  

Anger Management Classes

Does your anger feel out of control? Is your job in jeopardy because of your angry attitude? Is your relationship suffering from your angry outbursts? Have you experienced road rage? Are you required by law to attend anger management classes?  This 10-52 week Anger Management Class (San Bernardino County court approved) helps you learn to have healthy communication, improve relationships and have a better life. 

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Pre-Marital Counseling

Are you a newly engaged couple looking to get off to the best start possible? Well contact us today to start your journey to marriage you've always wanted. Now offering the SYMBIS assessment to enhance your sessions and provide greater insights into your personalities, financial styles, communication and much more! 

Individual Counseling

We've all been there.  In a place where your faith may be running thin and you're feeling all alone.  You believe in God and you're waiting on His help, His explanation, but where is it?  Guess what?  You're not alone.  So many people feel just as you do, but you were brave enough to reach out say you want something better.  You're tired of how things are going and need a fresh look at your situation, a different option to try and a new beginning for you and/or your family.