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Anger Management Coaching

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Does your anger feel out of control? Is your job in jeopardy because of your angry attitude? Is your relationship suffering from your angry outbursts? Have you experienced road rage? Are you required by law to attend anger management? We offer two services to meet your needs: 

Need more flexibility with scheduling and prefer a non-class environment? Then 1 on 1 Anger Coaching is for you.  Make your appointment around your schedule and get the 1:1 support you need to really grow and make change.

Group: List forming for Feb 2019

Anger Management Group:  Our groups are small (less than 10) in order to provide more personal interaction and support.

Our 10-52 week Anger Management course (San Bernardino County court approved) helps you learn to have healthy communication, improve relationships and have a better life. Learn what anger really is, when it becomes a problem, the costs, triggers and cues of anger, stress prevention and management, dealing with emotions, coping and relaxation. The Anderson + Anderson Anger Management course is the most widely used program in the world and gets the results you need. (It is also the program used in the movie Anger Management starring Adam Sandler).  1 on 1 Anger Management Coaching: $75 class (Each session) + $45 book (one time fee) Anger Management Group:  $40 class + $45 book (one time fee).  In order to earn a certificate of completion, you must complete a minimum of 10 weeks and finish the entire workbook per the program guidelines. Call now to register!