Play & Art Therapy




  • Does your child have a hard time communicating or verbalizing their emotions?
  • Has your child experienced a trauma (like a car accident or witnessing violence), abuse, grief, or loss and is having a hard time recovering?
  • If you’re concerned about your child’s grades dropping, their low self-esteem, behavioral difficulties, or emotional troubles, then play therapy can help!


In play therapy, children learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in constructive ways, to control their behavior, to make decisions, and to accept responsibility for their actions and choices. The ultimate goal of play therapy is to help children express their feelings, struggles, needs, wants, and wishes through play so they can move forward and become the people God created them to be. Services include parents and caregivers and respect the rules in your home.

In the process of growing up, many children and adolescents experience difficulty adjusting at some time. They have a tough time sitting in a chair and talking about what bothers them because they don’t have words to describe what they’re feeling or thinking. In play therapy, children use the toys and materials provided to say with the toys what they have difficulty saying with words. The toys and materials children select and how they play has meaning as a part of their total effort to communicate. When children and teens can communicate or play out how they feel to someone who understands, they feel better because the feelings have been released.