Counseling that combines your faith, spiritual values and therapy to
bring comfort, healing, and balance to your life.

Meet Nyshia Johnson

Nyshia Johnson, LCSW

Nyshia Johnson, LCSW

Helping you Heal, Restore Balance to your life and find Joy by using your Faith and Values.

Areyou worried about asking a stranger for help?  Well don’t be. It’s no mistake that you’re here today. I know sometimes it can be scary, but that’s why I’m here.  To offer you support and help when you need it most. Being in crisis can be overwhelming, whether it's your marriage, your kids, you job, your relationships.  You can feel lost and alone, with no one who understands how your faith impacts your life.  But you're not. I share your values, your faith and desire to see how your spiritual life applies to your situation.  I am here to listen to you, without judging you, or your situation.  To offer care, concern and empathy for you and your  relationships.  I am not here to “fix” you or tell you what you need to do.  I am simply here to help you figure things out and, if appropriate, offer advice, or an alternative opinion.
 My goal is to provide you with comfort, hope and healing in times of confusion and pain. I am committed to helping you, your relationship, your marriage and your family, in your time of need by bringing you to a place of peace and understanding. I have over 14 years experience and I specialize in improving relationships, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, PTSD/Trauma and depression. I am a Certified Anger Management Facilitator and Parenting Instructor.  I understand medication management and have worked for years with both psychiatrists and physicians. I can assist you with understanding your emotions, communicating with others and learning positive coping skills that can help you either avoid, decrease or eliminate the need for psychotropic medication. I have the expertise to support you and the ability to teach you the skills you need to grow to the person you desire to be.

Let me help you to successfully travel through this current storm.  I believe your life can get better with faith and support. I am not affiliated with any particular religious group or denomination. I am not here to preach or convert anyone. You don’t have to be a Christian to receive services and you don’t have to become a Christian to benefit from services offered. You’re here because you want counseling that combines your spiritual values and therapy to bring comfort, healing, and restoration to your life so Let's TALK!!  Call today for your free 15 minute, confidential consultation.  Or email me:

Master of Social Work, California State Long Beach:  May 2006
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, UC Riverside:  December 2000

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, California:  October 2011
LCS 27853
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