Join Us As We Grow Together

Sometimes we want to connect with others who share our experiences. Group is a wonderful way to do that!

Groups can help: • Learn how to use self-compassion instead of self-criticism • Discover more about who you are and how to be true to your values • Develop feelings of confidence and connection • Gain skills to manage overwhelming thoughts and feelings • Build healthy friendships and stronger family relationships

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Be*YOU*tiful Girls Group

Would you like to have more confidence and feel better about yourself? Want to stop criticizing yourself and comparing yourself to others? Would you like to help understanding your feelings and learning how to manage them? Then BeYOUtiful is for you! This school year we’ll spend time making friends, sharing feelings, building confidence, and learning how to have healthy, happy relationships! Open to both Middle and High School girls.

Fees: $25 per person, per group session

Some Insurance accepted. Please contact your insurance to check your coverage.

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Pray & Create Women’s group

Are you a Christian woman who wants to connect to God in a creative way? Do you struggle sometimes with your self-image or self-esteem? Want to learn how God sees you and truly believe it? Want to understand how to get closer to Him, while having fun? Well, then this group is for you! Come and join other women just like you who want to explore and use their faith to gain confidence, move beyond the struggle of day to day life and have a good time while doing it.

Fees: $25 per person, per group session. All Supplies included.

Some Insurance accepted. Please contact your insurance to check your coverage.